City contacts

Mayor’s Message

Living in Lighthouse Point Florida is like living in paradise. As the Mayor of our great city, I am proud to be one of its residents and especially honored to serve our community.
As we are constantly protected by the beam of the famed Hillsboro Lighthouse which has stood guard over the Hillsboro Inlet since 1906, Lighthouse Point has become its own beacon of stability in a sea of economic turmoil. In a climate of falling property values throughout South Florida, our city posted increased property values. While many cities in Broward County have raised taxes or cut services to make ends meet, Lighthouse Point actually cut tax millage and has maintained all its high quality services. While committed to preserving our community’s interests at all levels, our City Commissioners, Boards, and Employees are doing all they can to promote a positive business environment that encourages businesses to grow and prosper.
We are proud of the special relationships developed over the years with our business community that continually supports and develops stronger bonds between our residents and our business owners. A common theme has always been to “Shop Local”. We need to plant the seeds of economic recovery in our own backyard. Every dollar spent in our City is re-spent many more times before depleting its economic value.
We have a wondrous collection of fabulous restaurants and businesses vying for services in troubling times. Why not next time we’re looking for somewhere to eat, somewhere to shop, or professional services, do it locally. Local businesses create character and prosperity in our own community and local business owners re-invest in our community.
We are especially thankful for all donations made to support City activities from the Lighthouse Point Chamber of Commerce. Improvements to our Library, Emergency Medical Services and recreational programs have all been made possible by generous grants from the Chamber.
I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and commit to a long and mutually prosperous relationship
with our own Lighthouse Point Chamber of Commerce.

Mayor Fred Schorr
City of Lighthouse Point

To e-mail the Mayor, a City Commissioner or to a City employee, use the first initial of the person’s first name, followed by their last name, For example, Jane Doe would be written as: Under Florida law, e-mail addresses, e-mails, correspondence and other documents related to City business that are sent to the City, our Elected Officials, and City staff are public records and they will be released in response to a public records request.

The mailing address for the City is:
City of Lighthouse Point
2200 N.E. 38th Street
Lighthouse Point, FL 33064

Important Phone Numbers

Mayor Glenn Troast 954-943-6500
Commission President Kyle Van Buskirk 954-650-3210
Commission Vice President Sandy Johnson 954-954-6500
Commissioner Jason Joffe 954-445-0723
Commissioner Michael S. Long 954-253-1277
Commissioner Earl Maucker 954-943-6500
City Administrator John D. Lavisky 954-943-6500
City Clerk Jennifer M. Oh 954-943-6500
Finance Director Frank DiPaolo 954-784-3432
Fire Rescue David Donzella Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: 954-941-2624
Library Director Christy Keyes 954-946-6398
Police Chief Ross Licata Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: 954-942-8080
Public Works Director Charles Schramm 954-946-7386
Recreation Director Becky Lysengen 954-784-3439
Building Department 954-943-6509
Building Inspections ONLY 954-784-3449
Code Enforcement Specialist Toni Palmieri 954-784-3409
Auto Tag Agency 954-765-5050
Broward County Schools 954-765-6000
Cable Comcast 800-266-2278
Drivers License Pompano Beach/Deerfield Beach 954-497-1570
Florida Power & Light 954-797-5000
Hazardous Waste North Area Station 954-765-4999
Poison Control Center 800-222-1222
Post Office 2091 NE 36 St 800-275-8777
Social Security Office 800-772-1213
South Florida Water Management 800-662-8876
Taxes – Property Appraiser 954-357-6830
Taxes – Revenue Collection 954-765-4697
Waste Management 954-974-7500
Water – Broward County WWS 954-831-3250
Water – Pompano Beach 954-786-4637
Wildlife Care Center 954-524-4302